viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

♡ CHOIES Sweater ♡

Hello dear followers and readers,
I am so happy to show you what came in the mail last week.
I won a free trial competition on the CHOIES WEBSITE. And I am more than grateful for being selected as a winner, so I will return the favour to them and spread the word to let you know how good their service is and how fun is to participate in their free trial!

I have nothing to complain about the service, the speed of delivery or the quality of the clothing itself. I was surprised when I found out that the sweater was exactly as it is shown in their webpage:

What do you think about this jumper? Have you ever bought something on Choies? What is your opinion about it? 

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  1. It looks very nice. I love it! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Enara. I'll take a look at your blog now.

  2. So cute!! I love the flowers print is nice =)
    Lots of kisses honey, new post in my blog ;)
    Have a nice weekend ^_^

    1. I love the flowers too. Thanks for your nice comment. I'll go to your blog now.
      See you there :)

  3. So lovely! perfect for fall and winter ;)
    Kisses from

  4. Yay, congratulations, Sabina, and the jumper is too cute! I'd wear that in a heartbeat; just imagine lounging in that on a lazy day, sprawled on the floor with cats and books and pillows. Ahhhh, I love knits!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  5. Hola guapa! precioso el jersey me ha encantado y tu blog también, así que también te sigo y te espero si te apetece!!
    besos de susana de piñadelys

  6. I like your new jumper)
    thank you for visiting my blog! I follow you by GFC, google + and bloglovin too)

  7. Fabulous post and Blog. I joined your site and followed you on Bloglovin. Visit my blog if you have a chance the INSIDER at

    Follow for Follow 100%

  8. kawaii ^^
    great blog, i follow you! :)

  9. great sweater, love the floral detail <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  10. What a cute jumper! I love the flowers on it.thank you for your sweet comment on my blog:)

  11. great blog!:)
    I followed you back:)

  12. thank you for following our blog dear we are following back. the sweater is lovely love the floral print =)
    keep in touch. new post on our blog

  13. Adorable post! I really like your blog! :)
    Maybe we can follow to each other? Let me know! :)

  14. Cute sweater :D I like you blog!
    lest us stay follow


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