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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review

First of all, before I steal you more time, I want to point out what you'll find in this post:

- a brief description about the device.
- the best apps in my opinion (with my unbiased thoughts, obviously, I am not being paid by anyone for making this post)
- some tips and tricks that I find interesting.

I hope you find this helpful. I am not an expert in technology or something, I am interested in writing a detailed review post because before buying this phone I only found the prototypical review (and unboxing post) with the same technical details in each case.
I won't post an unboxing post because there's plenty of them on the internet and I wanted to have the phone for at least a couple of weeks to see how does it work, what apps do I like, etc. and make a more detailed and complete review.

The phone is quite big (144.8 mm x 72.1 mm) and the interesting thing is, that although it has a very good size, it doesn't get uncomfortable when it comes to typing on it, as it happens with other devices such as the "Samsung Galaxy Note(s)".
It has two cameras. The front camera is quite nice. It has a 5mpx camera to make selfies and a really funny effect to make yourself more beautiful, although if you overuse it, you end up looking like an alien. The "main" camera has 8mpx which is great! maybe the picture definition is not really different from my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S Advance) which has a 5 Mpx camera, but it certainly catches the light and colours in a better way.
The design is quite nice, although the surface seems a very cheap plastic, but I like the fact that mine is not white or black, but dark grey.

My favourite apps are:
I love this game! It runs amazingly in this phone. And I love that now it comes with a new scene with snow and a different "monster".

With this app you can create songs based on a music template such as "hallelujah" and "jingle bells" but you write the lyrics!
By far the app for phone cleaning that has worked the best for me. It works as great as it works on the PC. I had installed CleanMaster in my old phone but actually it made it slower than it already was.
With this app you can create music. Of course, it is not as complex as professional music makers are, but if you do that as a hobby, it is ok.

This apps helps you to calculate the time the next bus will take to arrive (among other things).
6. ONCE 
The best period tracker in my opinion.

Tips & Tricks
By far, the best thing about this phone, in my humble opinion, is the "ultra power saving mode". I can't show you a snapshot to illustrate this feature, maybe because it consumes energy, I guess. But it limits your phone to the most basic needs you may have. It turns off the wifi, reduces the screen brightness, and it stops showing your wallpaper, among other things, so as to make the battery last longer. For example, with the saving mode, 53% could last for almost 8 days. That's such a great amount of time for a cell phone to stay alive haha.

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