martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Dresslink Jacket

Hello dear followers and readers
Today's post is a review of a jacket I've got from Dresslink, which is a page I have been collaborating with for a couple of months. Once again, I am very satisfied with their products and service.

I really like the way in which when you zip up the jacket, the closure doesn't end up in the middle, but to one of the sides.

The jacket turned out to be exactly as I expected. I ordered it in XXL size, and it fits me just right, so if you decided to order it and you are usually a size M for t-shirts and blouses, take into account the measurements before buying.

The thing I like the most about this jacket is its neckline, I like the way it looks when the zipper is fully closed.

Have you liked this item from Dresslink? Let me know in the comments <3. Also, let me know which are your favourite garments from this lovely website!

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