jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Shoes for little girls by NewChic

Yes! another review. But this one's a little different from the others I've done until today. I have always reviewed clothes and accesories I got for myself. But this time, NewChic sent me something that my daughter loved a lot.

We got this lovely shoes -together with some other items I'll review in a separate post- and we cannot be happier with them. They're dark blue and have a golden glittery detail which I think is my girl's favourite feature :)

They can be worn with everything in her wardrobe, but she prefers to wear them with dresses and jeans.

Here's a sneak peek of what they look in their website, for you to see that they are exactly as they are shown in the pictures and the price is pretty reasonable:

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  1. wow cute shoes:)

  2. woww super cute.
    You can visit my latest post aswell

  3. Great shoes :)

  4. this is so great and sweet!
    Love it!
    Great post my dear.


  5. Love those shoes, she is so adorable !!
    New post -

    I am following ur blog, hope u follow back too !!
    have a nice day..
    xx, Kanchan

  6. Ohh so cute shoes!

  7. Great post, dear! Looks interesting :)
    Hugs <3

  8. Śliczne butki! :)

  9. What a cute little girl and cute little shoes! :D

  10. i can not find your contact info,how do i contact you for a review?
    our site:


  11. Aww so Adorable :)


  12. Awww cute *.*
    You ask to follow each other on blog. Of course, but you start :*


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